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Affiliate Program – VINOD Stainless Steel

VINOD Steel Affiliate Program

Promote our product and get rewarded every time someone purchase with your affiliate link

Why Should You Join This Program?

VINOD Steel is a 60 year old brand that has a loyal consumer base thanks to its legacy and truly high quality products that are part of every kitchen across India.

This Affiliate program is not only an opportunity to earn commission by leveraging your influence on the web and social platforms but also associating with one of the most premium cookware and kitchenware brands in India.

With it’s brand loyalty spanning across generations, VINOD steel products are a fast sell with an AOV of over Rs.4000 which makes for a great opportunity to earn commission on referred sales. See how you can sign up and earn today.

How does it work

Our affiliate program is a unique opportunity to earn money simply by promoting VINOD products & referring customers to Sign up and start earning affiliate commissions in just a few clicks.



Once your application is approved, login to your affiliate dashboard and generate your unique referral links.



Share your affiliate link with blogs, Vblogs, Social Media, Email Subscribers, or Public Forums on any platform of your choice.



For every customer who purchases VINOD Products on through your link, you’ll earn 5% commission on every sale.

Who can become an affiliate?

Our affiliate program is open to all Influencers, Bloggers, VBlogger and individuals who can help promote VINOD Steel products on their respective platforms.


Write a blog on various products of VINOD steel and post with affiliate links or banners to your blogs.


Make a video tutorial of our products, Comparison with other brands, UnBoxing and share our affiliate link with special coupon code.


Promote VINOD products on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Let VINOD go viral on your social handles.


Refer VINOD products on your social media, whatsapp groups, and via email with your affiliate link and earn.


Who is eligible to join the VINOD Affiliate Program?

Anyone can become an affiliate. Our program is open to all Influencers & individuals who wish to utilize the power of their influence & reach to help us promote VINOD Steel products.

Will I be charged a membership fee?

Anyone can become an affiliate. Our program is open to all Influencers & individuals who wish to utilize the power of their influence & reach to help us promote VINOD Steel products.

For how long will the purchase be tracked after the initial click and attributed to the affiliate?

Every customer clicking your unique referral link gets a cookie saved in their browser, with a life of 30 days. If they purchase anytime during the 30 days period after clicking your affiliate link, you will receive a commission for your referral.

Why can’t I see my sign-ups and/or rewards?

if you used a different browser/device from the visit to purchase, you cleared your cookies, you used incognito, or you signed up from your own referral link, the purchase might not be tracked. If you are 100% sure the sale were not tracked correctly, contact our affiliate team at

How much will I earn from a successful referred purchase?

For every customer who purchases through your unique affiliate link, You will be paid 5% commission on total sales value. Example: if customer purchase product worth Rs.6000, you will get commission of Rs.300

When will my commission be paid?

After the initial inspection of 30 days post referred sale is finished, your commission is locked in and released in the 1st week of the upcoming month. All payouts are subject to a minimum commission balance of Rs.250 in your affiliate account.

How will I be paid?

We typically pay our affiliates via bank transfer. While registering in our program you have to provide your bank details where you would like to receive the amount.

Is there any limit on the amount I can make as commission?

No. We encourage you to refer as many valid customers as you can, you will receive a commission on their billing.

How can I promote VINOD Products?

You can promote VINOD Products in the following ways – Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging, Video Marketing, WhatsApp Group, Facebook Group etc

If I have more questions, whom do I contact?

If you have any questions regarding our Affiliate Program, you can email us at

Start earning your referral income today!

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