These Stainless Steel Containers Are Best For Keeping Your Food Fresh

May 19, 2021
stainless steel dabbas - kitchen containers

Remember when as a kid you would always run to the stainless steel dabbas in your kitchen to find your favourite snacks whenever hungry? From keeping your kitchen clutter free to retaining the taste of your snacks and masalas, kitchen dabbas have always come to our rescue!

Stainless Steel Dabbas have always been a hub of freshness for all our favourite foods and why not? Stainless Steel material is known for its exceptional durability and since it is free from any sort of toxins, it is the most popular choice for every household when it comes to storing food.

The Vinod Stainless Dabbas and Containers range includes a huge variety of high quality storage containers for all your homemade masalas, papads, snacks and much more. So if you are looking for the perfect kitchen containers, here is where you can begin and end your search! Let’s take a look at this list of some of the most feature-rich Vinod Stainless Steel Dabbas for everyday use, gifting and giveaways:

Vinod Stainless Steel Deep Dabba

MRP – Rs.1375 Rs.962  Buy Now

The freshness of your snacks, flours and grains is assured when it comes to Vinod Stainless Steel Deep Dabbas. They stainless steel dabbas are made with high grade stainless steel for hygiene and easy maintenance. These have a simple design that exudes elegance with the outer layer of shiny mirror finishing. These dabbas are available in 22 different sizes for all your snacks, chocolates, grains, dry fruits, flours, mukhwas, spices and much more! To make them easy to clean, they are also dishwasher safe and rust-free.

Your favourite snacks are waiting for you to buy these airtight Vinod Stainless Steel Deep Dabbas!

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Vinod Stainless Steel Ration Dabba

MRP – Rs.2805 Rs.2100  Buy Now

All your ration from wheat to rice find a new home with these Vinod Stainless Steel Ration Dabbas. Made from high quality premium stainless steel and perfect thickness, these dabbas are durable, sturdy and corrosion resistant. They also have an exclusive mirror finish on top to add a radiant look to your kitchen. They also come with strong handles and easy to open lids for convenience. Also, these are dishwasher safe which makes them easy to clean and easy to maintain.

These multipurpose stainless steel ration dabbas are best for storing your everyday flours, grains and pulses round the year!

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Vinod Stainless Steel Puri Dabba

MRP – Rs.1599 Rs.1119  Buy Now

Lip-smacking Hot Puris are out of the frying pan! But where are you storing the excess puris to eat later? You will need a hygienic and airtight container just like Vinod Stainless Puri Dabba! Now store your homemade rotis and puris with this Vinod Stainless Steel Puri Dabba made from high quality food grade stainless steel which makes them sturdy, durable and rust-free. Since these are also dishwasher safe, they will be perfect for daily use. With a shiny mirror finishing on top and a sturdy lid, these dabbas are even ideal for serving.

We hear your hot Rotis and Puris calling out these Vinod Stainless Steel Puri Dabbas. Get them fast!

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Vinod Stainless Steel Masala Dabba

MRP – Rs.1,300 Rs.1,014 Buy Now

Every Indian meal is incomplete without enhancing their flavor and taste with various Indian Masalas! That is why it is necessary to keep them organised, fresh and hygienic in a stainless steel dabba. Here is where the ultimate Vinod Stainless Steel Masala Dabba comes to the rescue! Made with the best quality stainless steel material, these dabbas are absolutely rust-proof and hygienic. It includes seven spacious containers and an additional inner lid to keep all your aromatic spices at one place which can make your daily cooking convenient. These dabbas look absolutely stunning with the mirror finishing on top and the fine edges make them easy to clean and wash.

Give your masalas a special place in the kitchen – Store them with Vinod Stainless Steel Masala Dabba!

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Vinod Stainless Steel Papad Dabba

MRP – Rs.1,234 Rs.963  Buy Now

Your crispy papads will remain crispy forever if you quickly store them in these Vinod stainless steel Papad Dabbas! From papads to spices, dry fruits and all your favourite snacks, this attractive stainless steel dabba is perfect for all! Made from high quality stainless steel material with a shiny mirror finishing on top, these dabbas are not just sturdy and durable but also look so glamorous on your kitchen counter. These are also free from any toxic chemicals which makes them perfect to keep your papads fresh and hygienic.

The perfect companion for your fresh and crispy papads – Vinod Stainless Steel Papad Dabba!

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What products are best to buy from Vinod Stainless Steel?

Everything from Thalis, Bowls, Casseroles, Teapots to Sauce Pans, Tiffins, Dinner Sets, and many other tableware and kitchenware products are available at Vinod Stainless Steel made from the highest quality stainless steel and are best to buy from here.

Which material is perfect for buying kitchen containers?

Stainless steel material is perfect for buying kitchen containers since they are absolutely corrosion-resistant, durable, strong, sturdy, have a mirror finishing, fine edges, and nowadays, they are even dishwasher safe.

What stainless steel material is used in kitchen containers?

Stainless steel dinner sets use SSL1 – Stainless Steel Low Nickel 1% material for your sturdy and durable kitchen containers.

What is the price range of Vinod Stainless dabbas?

With Vinod Stainless Steel, you can avail high-quality products at the best price. The kitchen dabbas here range anywhere between Rs.869 – Rs.2,699 depending on the material and size of the dinner set you choose.

How to buy Vinod Stainless Steel kitchen dabba?


You can buy any of the high quality stainless steel products offered by Vinod Stainless Steel by simply clicking the link – or even find their products on Amazon.